Cold War Certificate

They were the heroes of our generation. No matter if they served the U.S. Military on another nation, or if they were in a military base in America. Others drove a tank in Germany and were always on guard. Whatever their function was, they served the country and they are claiming for a cold war certificate. Millions of veterans from this war had served the army from 1945 up to 1991 when the Soviet Union dissolved. That’s why they are looking for a little recognition.

Those soldiers who fought for our nation and prevented the expansion of communism claim that what they went through is not easily forgotten. And, sometimes, people don’t even know what they went through. If you pay close attention to these veterans, they will tell you stories about how their units lost soldiers right in front of their eyes. In fact, survival was not an easy task. 

 They want a memorial in DC for the ones who didn’t make it back home and for those who are here and their lives changed completely due to the cold war. The numbers of veterans rise up to 658,500 war veterans. But, there are also 181,300 who were peacetime fighters (which is not an easy task).  

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